Disposable Vapes. What’s all the fuss about?

You may have noticed that here at Vapespot we have new disposable Vapes popping up from the likes of Stig, Myle Mini and Fliq.

As long time vapers our team have always loved traditional pod based devices but we have found a special place in our hearts for these super convenient, ultra-usable and on the go disposable vapes.

If you’re not familiar with disposable vapes, they are a pod based vape designed for single use. The device comes with one full pod already installed and a fully charged battery. Simply take your disposable vape out of the packaging, remove the rubber covers and inhale. Once you are done with the device simply dispose of it and get another one! It's that easy! The best thing about these little devices is how they mimic the sensation of traditional pod vaping. With many flavours from Pineapple to Mint, these disposable devices really pack a punch!

Disposable vapes are the perfect travel buddy. On a recent Vapespot trip our team trialed the new disposable product by Fliq, and with them they bring a fantastic product. We love the range of flavours, overall taste and feedback from the LED light at the base of the device. In our opinion, Fliq is one of the best disposable vapes on the market. Unlike tank based vapes it was super convenient to travel with, no need to pack extra e-liquid, chargers or alike. Individually packaged you just need to ensure you pack enough disposable devices to ensure you don't go without. Like any team bonding trip, some dinner and drinks were in order and the disposable devices delivered again. No fear of losing your device or leaving it behind at the bar and it feels all but weightless in your pocket.

Something not to be forgotten about when it comes to disposables vapes is that they are great for vaping newbies! We know that deciding on a brand to start your vaping journey is tricky and we understand that sometimes you just don't want to spend the money on a starter kit without trying it out first. With disposable vapes you can try your hand at the product, get to know the flavours, experience the autodraw activation and see if it's for you at a much more attractive price point. Commitment free! 

There really is so much to love about disposable vapes. Let us know what you think and which product is your favourite! 

Check out our range of Disposable Vapes below.