To our beloved Australian customers,
It is with sadness that we share with you the TGA announcement regarding the Prohibition on Nicotine vaping products. Effective from 1st July 2020, The Australian government will block the importation of all nicotine products, irrespective of whether you hold a valid prescription or not.
Vapespot will be turning off the ability for Australian customers to order on Wednesday 24th June 2020 at 10:00pm AEST. Based on the information at hand, this is your last chance to purchase Nicotine products for the foreseeable future. If anything changes between now and 1st July, 2020, we will let you know. 
We will be working around the clock to ensure that any orders received until the cut off are picked, packed, and shipped by Thursday 25th June, 2020. This will ensure we have the best chance of your order arriving in Australia and customs cleared before the ban commences on 1st July 2020. To ensure you do not miss out on ordering your favorite products, we strongly suggest that you place your order as early possible before the cut-off.

  • From 1st of July 2020 the Australian Government will block all importation of nicotine products. Any individuals who are caught importing nicotine after 1st July 2020 (with or without a prescription) will risk receiving a fine of up to $220,000!
  • Vapespot will continue to accept orders to Australia until 10:00pm AEST Wednesday 24th June 2020.
  • Please understand the seriousness of this situation, based on the information at hand as of today, there is no loophole and this is happening. If there is an amendment to the changes, we will let you know. 


  • From the 1st of July 2020 you will only be able to purchase devices or 0% Nicotine products from Vapespot
  • We are working with your favorite brands to manufacture zero nicotine products exclusively for Vapespot and plan to stock a range of no nicotine options.
We want to take this time to thank our loyal Vapespot customers. Our team set out to make a difference to the health and lives of our community and your continued loyalty has allowed us to achieve this goal.
Our support team will still be on hand to assist you with any enquiries, we expect an influx of customer enquiries so please be patient with us as we do our best to respond to everyone.
This is not the end; we don’t agree with this attack on Vapers and will be working in the background to do everything we can to fight for your right to access life changing alternatives. 
If you would like to show your support please follow the link below to sign the petition to have this movement overthrown.

Sign the petition!

Here are some links of the announcement.
Please keep your eyes peeled for updates on our 0% Nicotine range and the products that will soon be available to you. We appreciate you and wish you all the best with your smoke free journey.

Team Vapespot